Bishop Pete Broadbent Joins CUBE

Pete Broadbent the Bishop of Willesden has joined his local credit union CUBE (Credit Union Brent & Ealing) and has encouraged his parishes to promote credit union services in Brent and Ealing.

At a small gathering in Ealing Council Bishop Pete signed up to CUBE in the presence of Annemarie Foster, CUBE’s Vice President and Cllr. Julian Bell the leader of Ealing Council. Cllr. Bell a long time member of the credit union said that he was delighted that the Church of England had been so vocal and positive about its support for the credit union which began life 20 years ago with a grant from Ealing Council.

Bishop Pete confirmed his intention of promoting closer cooperation between his parishes and CUBE in the fight against usury and predatory lending which was causing significant financial distress across West London.

Louise Egan, President of CUBE said.

“Support from the Church of England has been extremely beneficial to us and we are delighted that Bishop Pete has been so supportive.

CUBE has been fortunate in getting grant from Brent Housing Partnership in the past and works closely with both Ealing and Brent Councils to promote credit unions as an ethical alternative to Pay Day and Doorstep Lenders who charge extortionate rates of interest to those on the lowest incomes.

Residents in Brent and Ealing have been hit hard by repeated increases in fuel prices and ordinary residents are being pushed into poverty as benefits are cut and those in employment see their wages shrink.”